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Health policies can be a big tipping point

A guide to insurance laws in Europe's best health care countries

With health benefits one of the key tipping points prospective employees consider before applying for jobs, we look at Austria, France and the Netherlands to see how they are getting it right
Most business do not deploy mentors

[Infographic] Study by Sage on the value of business mentoring

In a worldwide study of small and medium-sized businesses, 93 percent say that some form of mentoring would be beneficial to their companies
Thames Water features in a special report

BR EME June edition is live

A theme of customer service can be found with three of our five features this month, from top quality hotel service to what humanoid robots can offer the sector
Execs lose thousands of hours each year

How execs can tighten up their time management

New Bain & Company study shows how lost time costs millions each year while offering tips to fight the "8 deadly sins"
Happy staff are likely to work harder

10 ways to reward your staff

Chinny Ogbuagu of Pitney Bowes highlights areas where companies can keep employees happy and thus increase work productivity
Mr Burns conned many a Simpsons' character

Do you know who you are doing business with?

In an internet age, issues such as identity theft and fraud are common traps businesses can fall into when they think they are dealing with legitimate and honest companies
Double check candidates' educational information

Top CV lies: Education achievements the most common fib

Two in five job applications contain false information about academic performance according to latest HireRight Candidate Health Check
Most start-ups fail in a short space of time

Advice for the aspiring entrepreneur

Kevin May, Founding Partner of specialist marketers Sticks, passes on his wisdom for those looking to jump into the world of business
Last year's event was the first of its kind

Saudi Arabia raises profile of nursing profession

The Second Saudi Health Nursing Conference is the largest health event in the country, aiming to stimulate development in the field and overcome societal barriers
Mining regulations in Turkey have been criticised

Turkish mine blast claims more than 200 lives

Rescue operations grow increasingly desperate as death toll continues to rise in Soma following electrical fault which left 787 workers' lives at risk

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