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Saudi Energy 2013 generated lots of interest

Saudi Arabia to invest $109 billion in solar energy

Saudi Energy 2014 to highlight energy products, services and solutions for local and regional audience
Studies have found home workers produce more

How working from home can benefit your workforce

Although research shows that employees demonstrate greater work outputs from home, communication obstacles need to be cleared to maximise such policies
David Sturges, WorkPlaceLive Limited

How to become a flexible and happy workplace

With new laws coming into the UK which allow for workers to request flexiblilty, here are some tips on how companies across the whole of our Europe and the Middle East territory can adopt suitable strategies to ensure a more productive workforce
Moving office is a chance to de-clutter

Four top tips on moving offices

Business writer Aaron Hopkins discusses some of the difficulties companies can face when moving bases and what they can do to minimise disruption
ThyssenKrupp may consolidate its German unit

Saab in talks to buy ThyssenKrupp Swedish defence unit

German submarine manufacturer looks set to sell after deal to supply government A-26 model collapses in national move to strengthen home defence industry
Emirates will still fly to all of its destinations

Upgrade sees Dubai Intl reduce flights by 26 percent

Runway improvements at Dubai International to disrupt air traffic for 80 days with some airlines reserving slots at Al Maktoum International Airport
Make sure you are safeguarded against the virus

Four steps to safety against the Heartbleed virus

Following news of the virus outbreak, David Emm of Kaspersky Lab gives four valuable pointers consumers can take to make sure they are safe
Tom Brennan, VP of Marketing,

COMMENT: UK's £200 billion investment vs. skills threat comments on respective surveys from Deloitte and JPMorgan that reveal UK businesses are planning to invest £200 billion inside two years yet face a possible skills shortage
We feature the Middle East for the first time

Business Review Europe and Middle East launched

Business Review Europe is expanding its scope to feature some of the exciting goings on in the business world of the Middle East, starting with a feature on Dubai's lofty tourism ambitions
Incentive schemes should deliver something for all

What makes a good incentive scheme?

Team Tactics reveals some of the secrets behind getting the most out of your workforce

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