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UK business school goes global with qualifications

Business college collaborates with leading exam body to offer British qualifications to students in their own language -
 Global business students can get British qualifications

A  UK higher education business college has taken an innovative step by making English business qualifications accessible to students online in the UK and across the world.

Magna Carta College, a rapidly growing international independent business school, with UK locations in Oxford and London, is offering Association of Business Executives (ABE) and Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) qualifications using an online teaching system, combined with practical business experience, to create job ready candidates.

 This is the first time that these programmes will be delivered in such a way that overcomes the boundary of language and location, giving non-English speakers access to valuable business courses through bi-lingual content.

Vadzim Tsitou, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Magna Carta College, Oxford, said: “In the UK, a degree is the preferred option by many students and employers.  However, we want to challenge the status quo and show that business courses, like ours, can mean that successful students may benefit from a more rapid route to the job market with fewer financial burdens and also gain practical experience. All in all, this approach to learning creates a well-rounded employee who is more likely to appeal to prospective employers.

“By giving access to ABP and ABE courses via online and in bilingual modes we will provide students, worldwide and particularly in developing countries, with access to a top quality UK education. Currently there is limited opportunity for students who want to do these courses but who do not have the finances or the access to study in the UK. 

“Previously, foreign students who studied in their own language would not have received a recognised English qualification. 

“We want to give students freedom of choice in their education and offer a more adaptable way of learning, letting students decides on their own schedules, the length of time to complete their course and, most importantly, the language that they learn it in.” 

Students, worldwide, will be able to access their course on a 24 hours, seven days a week basis and fit their study time to suit their individual circumstances.

Jason Raife, CEO of ABP, says: "Given the current economic climate and the challenges people of all ages are facing in securing meaningful and rewarding employment, it is now more important than ever that teaching institutions offer innovative solutions that give individuals a competitive advantage over their peers. 

“Magna Carta College Oxford should be applauded for offering learners, irrespective of location and background, an affordable and high-quality route to completing our courses.  Typically, holders of our qualifications go on to acquire globally recognised qualifications, such as Masters and MBA degrees awarded by UK universities."

The course programmes are stand-alone.  Unlike universities, where students must complete a three year course in order to gain a degree, Magna Carta College students will receive a qualification, ranging from diplomas and degrees, for each year they study.

Virtual learning technologies will give all those students enrolled, wherever they are in the world, access to resources such as lecture notes, previous exam questions and technical tips and it also allows teachers and students to interact through forums.

Dean of Magna Carta College Oxford, emeritus Professor Alan M. Jones, said: “At Magna Carta we are harnessing technology and innovation to develop education courses that will appeal to students, employers and the international market.

“We increasingly work with blue-chip clients across many aspects of business, aiming to expose our students to the skills of employment prior to them securing full-time employment.  This approach makes our students ‘ready for work’ the day they start in employment. ”

Magna Carta College will accept students with Maths and English GCSEs for its Level 4 course and those with A-levels for Level 5.

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