Estonia Is Home To Europe's First 'Bubble Hotel'

EstionIa has recently opened its dome shaped accommodation to European visitors for €99 per night
 Bubble Hotel

The hotel, situated in the Matsalu national park 150km from the capital Tallinn, is the first of its type in Europe.  The idea behind the concept is that it allows the visitor to be closer to nature but at the same time enclosed in a ‘bubble’ for protection.

Owner of the bubble hotel, Ermil Miggur told Reuters: "That's the concept, to bring a person into the middle of the untouched nature. It is actually a reserve. Even though it's private land, it is the reserve of Matsalu and a person can come here and be all by himself, with his thoughts or with someone special," Mr. Miggur said.

Your €99 will get you a single room, designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas, which is three meters high and four meters wide.  There is no toilet – infact, there is little else except a double bed, a table and two chairs. 

Whilst the ‘dome’ concept may put off some customers, creativity in hotel designs, particularly in Europe, have had some success stories in recent years. 


Ideas such as the floating hotel in Sweden, or the survival pod capsule hotel in The Netherlands manage to find a customer base and will attract some customers.  Novelty is an excellent way of breaching a fairly rigid market such as the hotel trade, the recent market has shown.

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