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Rolls Royce win US military contract

British manufacturer Rolls Royce has won a contract worth $183 million to service US military helicopters
 Kiowa Warrior

Global power systems company Rolls Royce has garnered a hugely lucrative contract to service 500 M250 engines used to power the US Army’s 300-strong fleet of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior scout helicopters. Believed to be worth in the region of $183 million, the contract begins in July 2012, and lasts for one year with an option to extend the contract if necessary.

Rolls-Royce has supported the Kiowa Warrior fleet for 13 years, including placing Field Service Representatives on more than 20 in-theatre deployments to support the Army. Rolls-Royce currently has 23 Field Service Representatives supporting 11 Kiowa Warrior units.

Rolls Royce President of Defence Dan Korte said, "Rolls-Royce is focused on providing affordable, dependable support to help our military customers complete their missions every day. For years, we have been working hard to ensure these Army crews come home safely after every mission, and we are committed to providing our full support so that continues."

The M250-powered Kiowa Warriors have completed more than two million flight hours, including more than 750,000 hours in combat.

The new contracts are part of the Rolls-Royce MissionCare support system for military customers, a suite of services tailored to help each customer meet their mission. Rolls-Royce is the only company to have MissionCare type contracts in place with all branches of the US military, including the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard.


Rolls Royce has been a world leader in both civilian and military engineering since 1906, manufacturing and powering some of the most iconic vehicles, aircraft and ships; from the Silver Ghost to Spitfire fighter planes.

In 1973 the company split into Rolls Royce motors and Rolls Royce Plc, the latter is now the go-to industry leader for military and aeronautical engineering.


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