2012 Olympics to be broadcast in 3D for 10 hours a day

The London 2012 Olympic Games will be broadcast in 3D for up to 10 hours a day
 London Olympics

In a global broadcasting first, the London Olympics will be broadcast in 3D for up to 10 hours a day. International Olympic Committee global sponsor Panasonic is providing the technology for a separate broadcast team to work with the Olympic Broadcast Service for the groundbreaking 3D production.

Fourteen broadcasters, including the BBC will be involved in the coverage, which will include the opening and closing ceremonies and 12 of the 26 Olympic sports.

"We believe this is the most significant step in broadcast technology," said Manolo Romaro, Chief Executive, Olympic Broadcasting Services. "We will deliver more than 12 sports, and for some of them it will be the first time in 3D. We will distribute by satellite worldwide 10 hours a day of Olympic vision in 3D. The Olympic Games has been at the forefront of broadcast technology...The Olympic Games is a developer of broadcast opportunities which then becomes the standard."

Panasonic Communications Director Takumi Kajisha said Panasonic would provide all of the professional 3D equipment including new recording machines and 3D monitors as well as a technical team to enable the production to proceed. The 3D broadcast has to be filmed separately to the normal Olympic broadcast, which is in high definition.

"No doubt the 3D developments will change the way we watch the Olympic Games in the future," he said. "We believe our partnership will provide a positive end to end solution. This is the first 3D live Olympic Games and it is a new era of broadcasting."

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