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The best bar POS systems 2020 In these times, all types of businesses require excellent customer service to progress. There are several ways to achieve these goals. One of the simplest ways is to have the most appropriate point of sale system in place. Also, it is possible to perform several tasks in much less [...] Read more
Cloud-based Point of sale systems Conducting business on traditional POS systems is not always the number one option for retailers and customers alike. Certainly, there are days when you can’t access your store for days, or even weeks, for one reason or another.  The weather could be too harsh outside and the storm would fly [...] Read more
About Mobile POS systems Practicality has always been the ongoing trend of the 21st century. Technological devices have grown so diverse and limitless that they now exceed the purpose of their original creation. Using less to do more is the new description of a smart move. Businesses compete, and they can only survive in the [...] Read more
Food Truck POS systems The world of business is vast and diverse. Some people would gladly invest large amounts of money in a luxurious restaurant. They entertain the idea of running a fully established business knowing all too well that it may or may not succeed. Even though restaurant business is highly competitive, many risk [...] Read more
Pros and Cons of free POS systems As you’re planning to run your new business, you’ve definitely created a checklist. This list contains, let’s say, type of business, decoration details, staff members and payment, equipments, and finally, the backbone of your entire business: a Point of Sale system. As you probably know, a Point of [...] Read more
Choosing an iPad POS system Let’s assume that you have started a new business. You’ve done your research, hired  hardworking staff, and managed to come up with the most outstandingly modern decoration out there. So far, so good!  Everything is sleek and modern, but there is that one machine that’s standing right in everyone’s face [...] Read more
What is a POS (point of sale) system? Modern problems require modern solutions. A few centuries ago, a shop or a restaurant would probably have one manager, one employee, and one cashier who is most probably good with math.  Today, payment methods and preferences have evolved, and people frequent the various markets more than ever, [...] Read more