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About Cake Point of sale

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Cake is a cost-friendly POS system mainly intended for restaurants that are offering quick and full services. This POS system can help the restaurants to handle the daily transactions of the business, especially at fast-pace. This POS system is made to be easy and intuitive for the benefit of restaurant owners.

Why Cake POS System?

The Cake POS system offers a lot of advantages to restaurant owners as they will make the daily transactions of your restaurant an easy fix. With its interesting and intuitive features, surely this will be a perfect addition to your restaurant.

  • Tableside Ordering

A feature of the Cake POS system that lets your waiter order tableside and immediately send them through the kitchen through the use of tablets. No more hassle of handing pieces of paper to the kitchen as this intuitive feature will definitely bring comfort to your staff and your business.

  • Online Ordering Capabilities

Online ordering is also possible with Cake POS. Your restaurant will now be capable of taking orders online through our websites or social media pages, thus increasing the range of your business. This benefits both you and your customer. You because you would be able to generate more sales and your customer because it will be easier for them to get their hands on your delicious food.

  • Keep Track of the Ingredients

Through the Cake POS, the ingredients for your menu offering can be monitored or tracked. What does this good? This feature will give your kitchen staff the awareness of how many more servings can be made with these specific ingredients.

  • Guest Manager Module

An intuitive way is the guest manager module. Through this, you will be able to receive reservations online. Not only that, but you will also be capable of managing your guests in an organised and innovative manner. This module will let you view the real-time status of tables. Also, you will be alerted if there are free tables for your guests.

But the capabilities of the cake is not only limited to that. The Cake is awesome that it will let you customise the floor plans that will let you match the vibe of your establishments, thus managing your seating areas through the use of a screen.

  • Customize Orders

This system will let your customers deal with their own order if they have the desire to customize their order, then they have the full control to avoid problems regarding the food.



The capabilities of the Cake POS will take your restaurant to a whole new level. Customers can now order online. Tableside ordering can be redirected to the kitchen with just a push of a button. It has even the ability to monitor your ingredients, manage the guest, and let your customers customize their own order. Surely with this addition in your apparatus, your restaurant will be a great hit.


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